Email templates and delivery

Email delivery is an optional service. It is used if you use email+password authentication with email verification but you can also deliver emails at any situation from the server-side code.

Supported services

Backbeam does not deliver email directly. You can configure your project to use either Amazon SES, Postmark or any SMTP server.

Go to the Configuration section in the control panel and configure one of the available services.

Email templates

Backbeam provides a few email templates that you can personalize that are needed for the email+password authentication mechanism.

Any email template is composed by three parts:

  • The subject
  • The HTML version
  • The plain text version

The three parts use the templating engine builtin on Backbeam.

In the Configuration section of your project you can choose to send email messages in HTML, plain text or both.

Custom templates

You can create your own email templates. And you can send email messages using server-side logic. Check the Sending emails section on the server-side code documentation for further information.